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Company news – Feb 14, 2024

Livi announces two-year extension to Vitality partnership

Livi will continue to provide its digital platform and clinical services to enhance digital care journeys for members via the Vitality GP app Livi has announced an extended partnership with Vitality to provide digital GP consultations to Vitality customers via Vitality GP, an online app that provides members with virtual GP video consultations*. The extension will see the businesses working together for an additional two years. Through the app, Vitality GP delivers leading everyday care** benefits which members can access quickly and easily

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Company news – Feb 13, 2024

Patient-centred care in the digital age

In recent years, the NHS has rapidly evolved with the widespread integration of digital technology. Continuing advancements have seen ICSs, and by extension, ICBs and GP practices leverage these tools in different ways to enhance patient experience, improve access to care, and promote patient-centric approaches. Now, with NHS plans for 2024/25 stating an aim to further “increase digital maturity and ensure a core level of infrastructure, digitisation and skills,” different systems will have their own individual priorities for health tech over the coming 12 months

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Company news – Jan 18, 2024

New all-in-one primary care solution launches in the UK to boost GP practice resilience

The new solution from Livi combines digital clinical resource with a suite of tech tools to meet rising patient demand and reduce DNAs across ICSs, Federations, PCNs and GP practices Livi is launching its new offer across the NHS to improve digital access routes and care delivery across the patient journey With primary care under pressure to meet rising patient demand and frequently deliver more with less, Livi’s new care provision model offers an all-in-one clinical and tech solution to enable practices to operate more efficiently. The new service from the UK’s leading digital-first healthcare provider, Livi, will serve as a ‘Virtual Practice Partner’ to Integrated Care Systems (ICS), Federations, Primary Care Networks (PCN) and GP practices across England. It combines clinical resources and appointment support with digital tools including patient app, remote monitoring, smart messaging and websites

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Company news – Jul 26, 2023

Digital transformation in the NHS: Key takeaways

The recent paper from the House of Commons’ Health and Social Care Committee, Digital transformation in the NHS, arguably serves as a stocktake of the level of digital maturity achieved thus far. Put together by an expert panel, on the one hand it acknowledges major achievements such as the NHS App, but also highlights ‘substantial variation’ in the UK at present, characterised by outdated IT in many areas of the system, and a need to fill a persistent, ongoing digital skills gap. The paper outlines a number of recommendations in areas such as innovation, systems, interoperability and training

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Company news – Jul 12, 2023

What the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan means for digital healthcare

The publication of the NHS Workforce Plan on the eve of its 75th birthday represents a landmark moment for the UK healthcare system. It both acknowledges the ongoing supply and demand mismatch within healthcare and seeks to provide a comprehensive long-term strategy. With a core focus on training, reform and investment, the plan contains a range of initiatives detailed to grow the NHS workforce

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Company news – May 26, 2023

How does Livi’s websites platform meet NHS England’s guidance on GP websites?

NHS England’s published guide on how to create optimal GP practice websites provides best-practice recommendations for practice managers, PCNs, ICSs and GP federations. Based on user testing, the publication outlines key considerations in a number of areas, from content and navigation through to accessibility. The goal is to support improved patient signposting and satisfaction, as well as a reduction in digital inequalities and access barriers

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Company news – May 25, 2023

5 practice website upgrades to make a difference

It’s no secret many GP practices are under immense strain at present. But could poorly optimised practice websites be adding to current pressures in general practice? A new paper from policy research centre, Future Health found a third of practice websites to be inadequate in functionality and ease of navigation, which may be pouring unnecessary pressure on teams. Our Livi short report explores the key findings and outlines 5 practice website upgrades to make a difference

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Company news – May 19, 2023

After the plan to recover access to primary care, what’s next?

Following publication of the GP contract, the delivery plan to recover access to primary care details a number of initiatives to help ‘tackle the 8am rush'. On one hand, its focus on practical measures and open recognition of the current supply and demand mismatch in primary care has been welcomed. Yet, at the same time, others have highlighted the current limitations placed on the system to fully realise its vision due to these very issues

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The recent publication of the Fuller Stocktake report sets out a new vision for the role of primary care in integrated care systems. Digital technology has a supportive role to play in realising the publication’s future vision.
Company news – May 8, 2023

Offering appropriate response: What it might mean for practices

Following recent changes to the GP contract, practices will be required to ‘provide appropriate response’ to patients upon first contact from 15 May. This may include: providing an appointment at the practice premises or via telephone or video; giving advice or care by another method; signposting patients to appropriate services that are available; communicating with the patient to request further information or providing information on when or how services may be provided to them. In terms of what this might mean for practices, this will undoubtedly pose additional capacity pressures at a time when many teams are already working to meet demand under considerable strain

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Company news – May 4, 2023

Key considerations from the Hewitt Review on ICSs

The recently published Hewitt Review into the oversight, governance and accountability of integrated care systems (ICS) makes a number of recommendations to increase autonomy. Welcomed by system leaders for its alignment in ethos with why many chose to enter into an ICS role, the review’s extensive findings call for greater freedom, control and flexibility: > “We have called for a shift from a top-down, centralised system of managing the NHS to a bottom-up system responsive and responsible to local communities.” Here, in this short read, we unpack the key takeaways

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Company news – Apr 18, 2023

Report: how digital healthcare can support the needs of complex and elderly patient populations

In our Livi short report, we look at how digital healthcare is supporting patients with long-term conditions today. We examine the closing digital generational gap and present how we’re working across the health system with NHS partners to manage complex populations. Told through the voices of our patients, we explore how digital can support: Assessment and treatment Personalised care Risk stratification Long-term management

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Company news – Apr 2, 2023

Gender Pay Gap Report - Livi UK

Foreword At Kry/Livi, we are on a mission to fast-forward the future of healthcare by ensuring that the care we deliver to our patients is accessible, personal and proactive. As almost 60% of our patients identify as female, we know it is critical to our success as a rapidly growing healthcare provider to understand and respond to the needs of those female patients. The Gender Pay Gap is a highly useful instrument for us as we measure and evaluate our progress towards gender parity

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Company news – Mar 21, 2023

QOF: What’s changing?

NHS England’s overview of the GP contract for 2023/24 details changes in several key areas for practices. Notably, this includes updates to the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and with it, a ‘streamlining’ of indicators. With 23/24 marking the end of five-year framework agreement from Investment and Evolution, NHS England will now seek to engage stakeholders across the system to input into QOF’s future direction and form over the next few years

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Company news – Feb 14, 2023

Case study: Supporting practice growth with Hazeldene Medical Practice

Following a series of practice mergers, Hazeldene Medical Practice contracted Livi to develop their digital clinical capabilities. Serving a population of over 58,000 patients, the team sought a strategic partner who could provide a standardised, stable solution for additional primary care capacity. In a short time, Livi Practice has helped Hazeldene to serve their growing patient list size, delivering outstanding care consistently

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Company news – Feb 6, 2023

Success story: Bridging gaps in clinical capacity

A GP practice located in the south-west of England sought the support of Livi to provide additional clinical capacity at a time of crisis. With some members of the clinical team leaving general practice, there was an immediate and pressing need for clinical resource at speed. “We contacted Livi to look at how we might get some additional GP capacity into the practice using a remote consultation model,” says the surgery’s GP partner

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Dizziness and stress
Company news – Oct 31, 2022

Why ensuring the right care at the right time is more vital than ever

Recent developments have seen a renewed focus on targets in general practice to achieve speed of patient access. However, with many practices already operating at capacity with limited appointments and available GP hours, just as vital will be a continued focus on ensuring patients receive the right care appropriate to their needs. ‘Right care, right time’ may be an overused phrase in healthcare

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Company news – Sep 21, 2022

Livi offers free women’s health training to UK GPs to help close the gender health gap

Livi is offering free women’s health training to more than 10,000 GPs in a series of live and recorded UK events. Livi’s recent research reveals how medical data bias is failing women, with 57% fearing they have been misdiagnosed at some point in their health journey. The research found 28% of women don’t believe that doctors are properly trained in all aspects of women’s health

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Company news – Aug 31, 2022

Report: Enhanced access and how to ensure a smooth transition

The transfer of enhanced access to primary care networks poses a number of challenges for organisations. How should services be designed? What will the clinical workforce look like? And what is the optimal operational and IT infrastructure to support delivery? Our Livi report looks at some of the ways organisations can ensure a smooth transition, both pre- and post-transfer of services and covers: How CCGs and PCNs can adapt between now and October Potential models for enhanced access Next steps and Enhanced Access Plans Along the way we look at how GP federations and PCNs are currently delivering forms of extended access, and the digital solutions to support primary care at scale.

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Company news – Aug 7, 2022

The Plan for Digital Health and Social Care: The Livi take

The recent publication of the Plan for Digital Health and Social Care welcomingly outlined key digital transformation priorities in a single action plan. The plan may be summarised through the lens of its three core goals – to digitise, connect and transform, with a number of objectives and workstreams contained within them. First, to expand electronic records across both integrated care systems and NHS trusts

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The recent publication of the Fuller Stocktake report sets out a new vision for the role of primary care in integrated care systems. Digital technology has a supportive role to play in realising the publication’s future vision.
Company news – Jul 13, 2022

What the Fuller Stocktake report means for primary care and digital technology

The recent publication of the Fuller Stocktake report sets out a new vision for the role of primary care in integrated care systems. With primary care the bedrock of the NHS and at ‘the heart of communities’, the paper’s recommendation to similarly establish it at the centre of new ICS systems and foster greater collaboration is a welcome one that has been greeted positively in many quarters. Certainly, the signatures of the 42 new system leaders appended to the report indicate both support and appetite for this vision and its ‘philosophy of partnership’

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Company news – Apr 22, 2022

Is there a problem with GP practice websites?

Many of the practice managers we work with tell us they know their website is no longer serving its purpose, but that they don’t know how to go about improving it. The nation’s rapid reliance on and shift into digital healthcare post-pandemic has significantly increased the need for better, more streamlined digital services in primary care, but many practices are still trying to catch up. The problem for patients with GP websites; Without consistent language, designs and formats, websites can become difficult to navigate Content is written offline and poorly translated when viewed online Accessibility issues make online transactions difficult if GOV

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The recent publication of the Fuller Stocktake report sets out a new vision for the role of primary care in integrated care systems. Digital technology has a supportive role to play in realising the publication’s future vision.
Company news – Jan 28, 2022

These three words can transform healthcare

As we head into 2022, the enormous challenges we face are all too clear – waiting lists at an all-time high, thousands struggling to get support for mental health conditions, inequalities starkly exposed by two years that have seen healthcare staff stretched to the limit. And for too many patients, accessing an over-stretched primary care system feels like negotiating a maze, blocked at every turn by an opaque triage system or a phone that’s always engaged. Finding solutions to these challenges is what drives me, so I want to explore three words that I believe will help us transform healthcare: scale, technology and data

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