Supporting GPs under pressure; COVID-19 and beyond

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The pandemic has helped to accelerate new technology-driven approaches in primary care, but digital transformation must be at the heart of the government’s strategy for the NHS to continue to utilise new and evolving digital tools.

In September, the Prime Minister unveiled his plans for tackling COVID-19 during autumn and winter, which included booster jabs for millions of people. Since then, practices using our solutions have sent over 34 million messages to patients, as well as delivering over 100,000 appointment reminders per day.

“We’ve been using Mjog on a daily basis for around 10 years. It saves our admin teams a huge amount of time. We’ve been able to reach out to large groups of specific patients simultaneously – to contact them individually in such a small timeframe would be a non-starter.” Simon Bagley, IT Manager, The Ridgeway Surgery

As well as being able to reach out to large groups of patients simultaneously, we’ve also been helping practices contact patients on a 1:1 basis. Clinicians have used Desktop GP to send personalised advice to individual patients following appointments.

Whilst our batch messaging solution can send NHS advice links and attachments to patients, Desktop GP’s 1:1 messaging is more personalised and the clinician will know exactly what the patient needs to read and receive.

Most recently, practices have enjoyed sending Patient Questionnaires - our newest feature. With the ability to be able to schedule them into the future too, and send to any patient-list size at once, Questionnaires are the ideal way to gather important data from patients.

Over 4,000 practices use our robust solutions to help them to engage with patients. That’s 70% of UK practices. Click here to find out how we can support your practice's needs.