10 reasons why Livi is a good choice

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At Livi, we’re working to make healthcare more accessible to all, supporting NHS, private and employer organisations. Here are 10 reasons why Livi is a good choice for patients, partners and healthcare professionals alike.

1. We provide quality patient care 95 percent of patients are helped using Livi and we’re rated Outstanding by the CQC.

2. We improve access Access matters. We make it easy for patients to access care conveniently in the Livi app or through their GP practice, employer or insurer, where Livi is the digital provider. This is especially important in towns where the nearest practice or health centre may be far away or for patients who have difficulty travelling.

Did you know data from our services shows that Livi serves more patients from economic areas of deprivation in each of the 12 regions in the UK? And taking just one of our services as an example, 75% of Livi users come from the 50% least privileged areas (in terms of median disposable income. Based on Office for National Statistics gross disposable household income).

3. We ease pressure across the health system As the UK's leading digital healthcare provider, Livi builds resilience and capacity in areas with a low GP-to-patient ratio and supports system-working over large footprints. With the ability to deploy clinical resource around the country at speed and at scale, we help NHS partners to meet rising patient demand and can fill capacity gaps where needed. Whether you’re a single GP practice, PCN, ICS, urgent care or mental health service, we can help.

4. We’re there where patients and partners need us Patients can find medical help quickly at a time that suits them, while our mental health service enables people to choose a therapist at the touch of a button. Our platform provides convenient access to medical support 365 days a year and a service patients rate 4.9/5. We’re here for patients and NHS partners where and when they need us, seven days a week, including evenings and weekends.

5. We help free resource in physical care Livi can give advice, prescriptions and referrals for a wide range of medical conditions. This can free face-to-face appointments for those who need them most.

6. We’re focused on clinical excellence All Livi GPs are GMC-registered and our doctors, nurses, ACPs and therapists all have extensive experience. Our robust clinical governance and patient safety framework ensures the highest quality standards are met. And we respond to the needs and feedback of both patients and partners to continuously evolve our services.

7. GPs recommend working for us At Livi, we’ve created a clinical environment where there’s less time on admin and more time for GPs to focus on what matters most – helping patients. We give GPs support and flexibility to do just that.

According to a survey of Livi GPs, 9 in 10 clinicians:

  • Recommend Livi as a place to work
  • Feel valued for their work
  • Feel satisfied with opportunities they have to use their skills
  • Are satisfied with support they receive

8. We’re transforming how GP practices engage with patients
Our practice smart messaging platform, Mjog, helps GP practices engage with patients every single day, reducing DNAs and practice communication costs. While our websites solution delivers websites built to NHS guidelines that help drive online engagement and reduce demand.

9. We’re working to ensure each patient is referred to the right care at the right time Livi patients are assessed, diagnosed and treated in exactly the same way as in a face-to-face consultation – by following NICE guidance.

Livi GPs can prescribe, treat and refer, just like in traditional practice. For NHS patients, this is simply done by tasking back to practice admin teams, with the exception of cancer referrals which are made by Livi GPs.

If a referral is not needed, several forms of self-care are offered in the app or on our website, which offers access to medically-approved health information. We also support NHS partners to disseminate health messages and campaigns to patients via our platform, Mjog.

10. We’re helping to shape the future of healthcare Since the beginning, one of our main goals at Livi has been supporting efforts to build a proactive and preventive healthcare system where resources are used in the best possible way. At a global level, our parent company, Kry, has developed digital technology together with clinics, using the best expertise from around the globe to optimise and create added value for patients. The patient avoids complicated routes to care, while healthcare staff can spend less time on administration and more time on the patient. The care of the future is neither digital nor physical, but an interaction between the two.

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