Case study: Supporting practice growth with Hazeldene Medical Practice

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Following a series of practice mergers, Hazeldene Medical Practice contracted Livi to develop their digital clinical capabilities.

Serving a population of over 58,000 patients, the team sought a strategic partner who could provide a standardised, stable solution for additional primary care capacity.

In a short time, Livi Practice has helped Hazeldene to serve their growing patient list size, delivering outstanding care consistently. Read how Livi has:

  • Eased pressure on the practice team with additional appointments
  • Integrated seamlessly with the practice’s existing ways of working
  • Provided first-rate back-office support

“With support from Livi as our strategic partner, one of the most important benefits we have achieved is having a stable workforce and service in place that can provide a doctor to fill a session on a given day. With Livi, you’re purchasing peace of mind and everyone is lovely, kind and supportive.” - Hazeldene Medical Practice

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