Fast facts on enhanced access and Livi

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Since its introduction in October 2022, enhanced access has seen PCNs and GP practices provide additional services from 6.30pm-8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am-5pm on Saturdays.

Arrangements allow for a mixture of both face-to-face and remote consultations.
And Livi, as the UK’s leading digital healthcare provider, has been supporting a number of partners to deliver the remote element of these services.

Here’s a few fast facts about our enhanced access offering and why partners choose Livi.

1. We offer flexible clinical capacity

One of the core ways we support partners is by easing some of the capacity planning pressures that come with enhanced access. We do this by providing flexible digital capacity that can be deployed at speed and can scale to meet surge demand.

2. We deliver cost savings

Did you know Livi can deliver 100% of Enhanced Access appointments for under 80% of available funding? Indeed, our service has reduced costs compared to locum alternatives and is priced at £28 per appointment.

3. We’re experienced

Livi is also one of the most experienced digital providers for enhanced access, supporting 40 PCNs with the remote element of their programmes. To date, Livi GPs have delivered thousands of remote consultations at evenings and weekends.

4. We build bespoke services

We design enhanced access services to our partners’ specifications. We look at when practices and patients require support and scale based on specific needs. And we integrate seamlessly with EMIS and SystmOne.

5. We offer enhanced access during core hours

As patient demand for appointments is at its peak during these times, commissioners have agreed that Livi can also offer services under the scope of enhanced access outside of 6:30-8 weekdays and 9-5 on Saturday.

6. We provide administrative support

When you choose Livi for enhanced access, you not only get around the clock digital clinical capacity, you also get administrative support. We offer assistance across the whole patient journey to ease pressure on stretched practices and clinical teams.

7. We’ve built an enhanced access calculator

Our online calculator is a practical tool that details the number of appointments and potential savings Livi can deliver for your PCN, based on your population size.

Click here to try our Enhanced Access calculator.

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