Setting yourself up for QOF success

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It’s more important than ever for practices to be hitting as many of The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) targets as possible, to support their income in these ever-challenging times. Mjog by Livi is working with practices up and down the country to increase and improve patient engagement, and to help achieve QOF success. Find out what some of our customers say about our platform.

Making the most out of communication

“We began by using Mjog to communicate with our patients with asthma to schedule their reviews, which has worked fantastically. We’ve managed to meet our QOF targets, keeping up with booking and completing the reviews as we were pre-pandemic, which we’re very proud of,” explained Dr David Cooper, GP Partner and trainer, Old Macher Practice, Aberdeen.

“We’ve since moved to using Mjog’s messaging for GP-led calls to action, such as contraceptive or medication reviews, and will be expanding into diabetes and other chronic disease management soon.

“We’re not finding that receiving comms from the surgery by text is affecting our relationship negatively with patients or slowing down the care they expect. There’s no one group of people who respond better, or worse, older adults are just as responsive as our younger patients. We’ve made the switch to smart messaging, which has meant we can send longer messages which grab the reader’s attention and, anecdotally, we’re told are more ‘trustworthy’ looking and never mistaken for spam, which can very occasionally be an issue for the basic messaging.

“It’s been simple to implement across the practices. The messages are easy to create and send, I’ve devised templates for staff to use.”

Running your practice as a sustainable business

“Whilst our focus, of course, is on providing the best possible care to our patients, we ensure we manage our practices as businesses, said Benjamin Haresign, Business Manager at Arrow Surgery, Henley in Arden Medical Centre, Pool Medical Centre and Tanworth in Arden Medical Practice.

“Part of my role is to make sure we are hitting our QOF and enhanced service targets which keeps our business model viable, and I do that in part by managing the implementation and streamlining of processes. This can be tricky to oversee across four practices because they all work in different ways.

“Mjog has really helped to streamline previous flu vaccination campaigns and has helped us to continue to meet our QOF targets. We have it working in-line with our phone system so that once we’ve sent a batch flu jab message, we can see who is calling us regarding that text. This allows us to add appropriate resource into the group, so our team isn’t overstretched and there aren’t long waiting times for patients at the other end of the phone. We have also made the appointments bookable online, and I’m using my own trackable short links in the batch messaged texts to monitor the effectiveness of the messages and their impact on web traffic and bookings.”

Getting everyone on board with QOF

“We’ve been using Mjog’s batch messaging to contact patients about things like cervical smears, asthma clinic, their smoking status, and diabetes check-ups. We have had really good uptake from these messages, which helps us to hit our QOF targets,” added Niné Swift, Practice Manager at Sheerwater Health Centre in Woking, Surrey.

“We also use it for general messages such as practice closures, bank holiday information, guidance on face coverings, etc. Today for example, I am sending out a message asking patients to wear face masks when they come in for an appointment. It’s going out to 2,450 patients. It’s a brilliant way of reaching patients quickly with the most important and the latest practice information.

“The templates are really simple and straightforward for me and the team to use, and if we require a response from patients, it is also very easy for them to do this.”

Whether you're a GP looking to communicate 1:1, or a member of the team needing to reach bigger groups, Mjog is a one-stop solution to manage how your practice engages with patients and achieve QOF success.