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Reduces front-door demand on services
Extends access in and out of hours
Integrated with NHS 111 and treatment centres
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Supporting urgent care services

Urgent care and A&E face immense pressure. Often working at capacity, services need to optimise patient flow to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time.

Livi provides a digital clinical capacity solution for urgent treatment centres and NHS 111. We help free resources, serving patients that can be seen remotely.

What we deliver


We help patients get the care they need without needing to visit hospital


We reduce waiting times and refer patients to appropriate services

Integrated service

Our solution can be integrated with NHS 111 or within UTC premises via tablet

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Helping patients, providers and the health system

Reduced overcrowding
Our solution is designed to prevent unnecessary emergency visits
Increased access
We ease front-door demand on physical urgent care services
Protected clinical hours
Livi frees face-to-face clinical time for those who need it urgently
Quality care
We reduce the number of referrals from NHS 111 to GP practices

Who we are

Livi is the UK’s leading digital healthcare provider, rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. We support young and old alike for a range of health issues, from minor infections to long-term conditions. And we have a proven track record in urgent care services.

How it works

1. Patients contact 111

Speak to call handler who assesses patient case

2. Triage

If appropriate symptoms, call handler can book patient with Livi

3. Consultation

Patient speaks with Livi GP via web browser, phone or tablet. No app required

Livi delivers results at speed

In just five months during the busy winter period, Livi helped one urgent care partner:

  • Prevent 5000 A&E attendances

  • Protect over 1000 clinical hours

  • Exceed consult and complete target by 12%

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